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To obtain authorization from ChatGPT, as the product manager of an internet company, you can follow the following steps: 1 Understand the authorization policy of OpenAI: Go to the official website of OpenAI to learn more about their authorization policy for ChatGPT, including usage conditions and requirements. 2. Review authorization application conditions: Carefully read OpenAI's authorization application conditions and ensure that your product meets their requirements. Ensure that your product is relevant to the purpose of ChatGPT and complies with OpenAI usage restrictions. 3. Prepare authorization application materials: According to OpenAI's requirements, prepare a complete authorization application material. This may include your company information, product descriptions, use cases, user base, and more. 4. Submit authorization application: Submit authorization application through the OpenAI official website or their designated channel. Ensure that the application form is filled out accurately and includes all necessary documents and information. 5. Waiting for approval results: Once the application is submitted, patiently wait for the approval results from OpenAI. This may take some time, please ensure that your contact information is correct so that OpenAI can contact you. 6. Comply with the authorization agreement: If your application is approved, congratulations on obtaining ChatGPT authorization! But at the same time, it is also necessary to comply with OpenAI's authorization agreement, ensure that your product follows OpenAI's regulations when using ChatGPT, and update the authorization usage status in a timely manner. The above steps are for reference only, and OpenAI may make adjustments based on actual situations and policy changes. It is important to maintain close contact with the official OpenAI website and comply with their latest authorization requirements.

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