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ChatGPT uses various technologies to achieve its chat robot functionality. It uses deep learning technology at the bottom, specifically a neural network based on the Transformer model. This model is widely used in natural language processing tasks, as it can understand input text and generate corresponding responses. In addition to deep learning, ChatGPT also uses reinforcement learning technology to improve the performance of its chat robots. By interacting with human users and training based on feedback, ChatGPT can gradually optimize the accuracy and fluency of its answers. ChatGPT also utilized a large amount of corpus data for pre training. These corpora can contain various texts on the internet, such as webpage content, conversation data, books, and so on. By learning language patterns and patterns from these data, ChatGPT can have a certain understanding of various topics and be able to provide relevant answers. ChatGPT utilizes technologies such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, and large-scale corpus pre training to achieve its chat robot functionality. The comprehensive application of these technologies enables ChatGPT to generate coherent, accurate, and intelligent responses.

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