Can chatgpt still not be used domestically?

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What can Chat GPT do? I've figured it out for you! What can Chat GPT do? The personal assistant Chat GPT can serve as your personal assistant, helping you answer questions, provide information and advice. You can ask Chat GPT questions about weather, news, current affairs, etc. It will answer your questions based on the data it can collect. Case description and questioning: You can use Chat GPT to describe the problems or situations you encounter and raise relevant questions to obtain solutions or suggestions. Assuming you encounter a computer malfunction, you can describe the details of the problem to Chat GPT and ask for possible solutions or suggestions. For example, if you don't know how to describe the style when writing a copy, you can send the content to Chat GPT and have it write a copy with a similar style. Writing Code Chat GPT can help you write code, provide syntax advice, explain the purpose of specific functions or methods, and provide sample code. For example, you can ask Chat GPT how to write a simple web crawler program using Python, and it can provide you with code examples and related explanations. When encountering code that you don't understand, you can directly send it for Chat GPT to explain. Content Writing If you need to write articles, blogs, or other types of textual content, Chat GPT can provide creativity, help you organize ideas, and provide relevant information and reference materials. For example, if you want to write an article about artificial intelligence, you can communicate with Chat GPT about the important development, application fields, and future trends of artificial intelligence. It can help you provide relevant information and perspectives. The article summary hat GPT can help you summarize and summarize an article or paragraph of text, extract key information, and form a concise and accurate overview, just like reading books to extract the central idea in childhood. Summary Personal Assistant: Intelligent Q&A · Chat GPT can serve as a personal assistant to comprehensively answer your questions, whether it's weather forecasts, current affairs news, or more professional domain knowledge. Intelligent Advisor: Answer questions, provide advice, and encounter difficulties? Simply describe your problem or situation to Chat GPT, whether it's a small hassle in daily life or a thorny problem in the professional field. It can provide you with solutions or suggestions. Programming Assistant: Simplify code writing and programming challenges are no longer difficult to solve. Just ask Chat GPT, which can help you write code, provide grammar advice, explain the purpose of functions or methods, and provide example code creative partners: article writing · lack of inspiration or don't know where to start, Chat GPT can help you generate innovative ideas, provide relevant information and reference materials, Help you organize and express your thoughts clearly. Professional Summarizer: Quickly extract key information. In the face of long reports or academic papers, Chat GPT can help you summarize and abstract, extract key information, and help you understand the core content of the article faster

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