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ChatGPT will not completely replace manual labor. The "patterning" of ChatGPT cannot replace the "differentiation" of humans. ChatGPT, no matter how powerful it is, is only a language model developed by the artificial intelligence laboratory OpenAI. Behind its smooth dialogue is a large amount of textual data. Once machine intelligence is limited by conceptual frameworks, it can only run within existing frameworks, and sometimes it is inevitable to fall into the trap of "patterning" and "routinization". And as humans, we are born different. It is precisely these "unique" differences that enable human civilization to continue and thrive. The "rationalization" of ChatGPT cannot replace the "sensibility" of humans. The "intelligence" of artificial intelligence is more of a rational ability, while human intelligence also includes irrational content such as value judgment, willpower and emotions, and aesthetic taste. As ChatGPT said in his response, "I do not possess autonomy, and my answer does not contain opinions or emotions. Regarding the relationship with humans, ChatGPT provides its own answer: I will not replace humans. As an AI program, I can help humans solve difficulties and improve work efficiency, but I will never be able to understand humans with my own emotions, nor can I think about problems based on my own judgment. Only real people can possess such abilities. In that dark tunnel where you can't see the way ahead, perhaps ChatGPT can also be your companion who provides you with light and direction, facing it squarely, and utilizing it, after all, the prefix of artificial intelligence is still "artificial".

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